Women’s Exercise Guide

I offer a wide variety free workout plans for women, so I decided to create a directory of all the different exercises I recommend in my routines. I realize that not everybody is familiar with these movements or how to do them correctly, so this online exercise guide will provide you with detailed descriptions about each exercise – with photos and videos.

Exercise by Body Part

Ab ExercisesAb Exercises

These are some of my favorite exercises for building your abdominals and core.

Arm (Biceps and Triceps)Arm Exercises

Trying to tighten up those arms? These are my favorite tricep and bicep exercises.

Back ExercisesBack Exercises

Strengthen your upper and lower back with these back exercises for women.

Women's Chest (Pectoral) MusclesChest Exercises

Strengthen and tighten your chest (pectoral) muscles with these movements.

Leg / Butt ExercisesLeg / Butt Exercises

Exercises for creating a beautiful butt and legs! Quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes.

Deltoid / ShouldersShoulder Exercises

Define and strengthen your deltoids with these shoulder exercises for women.