Bicep Curl (Machine)

How to Machine Bicep Curl

There are various ways of doing bicep curls, but machines are perfect for beginners or anyone trying to strengthen and tone their bicep muscles. Bicep machines may vary, but their operation will be similar.


: Arms (Biceps)


: Beginner


: Machine


: Strength, Toning

How to do Machine Bicep Curls:

Start Bicep Curl Machine Exercise

Machine Bicep Curls Finish

  1. Adjust the seat to the appropriate height and select weight. Some machines may require you to load individual plates, others will have a simple plate locking system. Place your upper arms against the pads and grip the handles.
  2. Pull your lower arm towards your upper arm, flexing at the elbow.
  3. Rest/pause at the top of each movement, and then slowly decline the weight to the starting position.
  4. Keep tension on the muscles being worked, never allowing the weight to touch and keeping a constant resistance.
  5. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

Demonstration Video:

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