Cable Overhead Tricep Extension (Rope)

How to Cable Overhead Tricep Extension

Overhead cable tricep extensions are a great isolation movement for developing your triceps. In particular, using a rope attachment places more emphasis on the lateral (outside) head of the tricep.


: Arms (Triceps)


: Beginner


: Cable, Rope


: Strength, Toning

Overhead Cable Tricep Extension (Rope):

Start Rope Overhead Tricep Extension Exercise

Rope Overhead Tricep Extension Finish

  1. Select weight and adjust rope on pulley according to height (should be 1-2 notches below your height to give you a full range of motion). You can do these standing completely upright or bent over leaning your butt against the pulley bar for balance, body facing away from the machine.
  2. Place your hands behind your head with your elbows pointed straight up and tucked in towards the side to your head. The knots of the rope should be held closed grip, in palm, facing away from you.
  3.  Raising your hands above your head, extend through the elbow while keeping the upper arms stationary (keep elbows tucked in by your head, not pointing outwards).
  4. Pause at the top of each contraction, never letting the weight touch until finished. Release weight slow and controlled with each movement.
  5. Repeat for the suggested number of repetitions.

Demonstration Video:

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