Dip (Machine)

How to Tricep Dip (Machine)

Dips can be done with your body weight or machines, and they’re an excellent exercise for strengthening and developing the triceps. Secondary muscles include the pectoral (chest) muscles.


: Triceps, Chest


: Beginner


: Machine


: Strength, Toning

How to do Machine Tricep Dip:

Start Dip Machine Exercise

Dip Machine Finish

  1. Adjust seat and select appropriate weight. Some tricep dip machines will require you to load plates, others will use a lockable plate system. With palms facing down at shoulder width, place them on the handles.
  2. Keep your upper arms close to your body and elbows tucked in. Push down until your arms are fully extended. Keep your butt firmly against the seat during the entire movement.
  3. Take a short pause at the bottom of each contraction, then bring the bar slowly up to the starting position.
  4. Repeat exercise for the recommended amount of repetitions.

Demonstration Video:

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