Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks are a great exercise to target the glutes and butt, while also hitting the hamstrings. This exercise is great for beginners and can easily be completed at home (with a bench) or in the gym.


: Glutes, Hamstrings


: Beginner


: Bodyweight


: Toning, Sculpting

How to do Flutter Kick Exercise:

Start Flutter Kick Exercise

Rear Flutter Kick Finish

  1. Lay face down on a flat bench with your legs extended straight behind you (off the floor). Place your arms to the sides and grip underneath the bench, or on top of the bench holding on to the front edge.
  2. Start off by straightening the legs so they are level with the hips, then lift your right leg above the left one.
  3. Now lower the right leg as you lift the left leg. Squeeze your glutes and hamstrings during each movement.
  4. Continue alternating between each (as if you’re doing a flutter kick in the water) until you’ve completed the recommended number of repetitions for each leg.
  5. For added difficulty, use ankle weights to increase resistance.

Demonstration Video:

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