Reverse Delt Fly (Machine)

How to Rear Delt Fly Machine

Reverse fly’s (or rear delt fly’s) focus primarily on the rear deltoids of the shoulders. They also hit the traps and parts of your back. They’re a great excise for tightening and defining the rear, upper torso.


: Shoulders (Rear Delts)


: Beginner


: Machine


: Definition, Toning

How to do Rear Delt Fly (Machine):

Start Rear Delt Fly Exercise

Finish Reverse Machine Fly

  1. Adjust the seat, weight, and handles on machine (most machines are made to train chest and shoulders, allowing you to sit facing forward and backward. Handles should be at shoulder level, grab the handles with your hands facing inwards.
  2. In a controlled motion, push your hands out to your side and rest/pause once you get to your back.
  3. Always keep your arms slightly bent at the elbow throughout the movement, using your shoulders to allow the motion.
  4. Return the weight slow and controlled, not allowing the weight to touch back down keeping a constant contraction.
  5. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

Demonstration Video:

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