Hydroxycut Max for Women Review

Hydroxycut Max for Women Review

It seems like women are constantly on the look out for a magic diet pill to help them shed some weight. Does it exist? I’ll let you know when I find it! Fat burners are a controversial product, but can definitely provide some perks in assisting with weight loss when used properly… along with a healthy diet and exercise.

Hydroxycut offers a full line of dietary supplements marketed as “weight loss aids.” The new ingredients in their latest formulas includes lady mantle extract, wild olive extract, cumin extract, wild mint extract, and in most products, green coffee bean extract.

Hydroxycut’s Questionable Past

Before Hydroxycut Max for Women, Hydroxycut was originally developed for bodybuilders and manufactured by MuscleTech Research and Development. Later it was sold to Iovate Health Sciences, which continues to use the MuscleTech brand to market Hydroxycut.

Like many products prior to 2004, Hydroxycut originally contained ephedra, a supplement that was banned by the FDA due to it’s serious effects on the heart. The original formula also contained ingredients known to harm the liver, and after a several reports of serious liver problems, the FDA warned consumers to stop using Hydroxycut and the company agreed to recall their entire product line.

The problems caused by ephedra led to stricter regulations for the dietary supplement industry and more rigorous safety testing. Because of this, Hydroxycut has been completely reformulated.

New Female Friendly Ingredients

Like most fat burning supplements these days, Hydroxycut Max for Women contains caffeine, the main ingredient used to increase energy and promote weight loss. The product combines green coffee, a natural source of caffeine, with other female friendly ingredients, such as: folic acid, iron, and unique super foods from around the world.

Benefits of Hydroxycut Max for Women

  • Increased energy
  • Suppressed appetite
  • Helps boost metabolism
  • Increases fat burning

My Review of Hydroxycut Max

Hydroxycut For Women Nutritional Label

Nutritional Label – Click To Enlarge

Throughout my years of competing I’ve tried multiple fat burners to squeeze off those few extra pounds on stage. Let’s just say this isn’t my first rodeo with fat burning supplements.

I don’t take fat burners regularly, however I purchased a bottle of Hydroxycut Max specifically for this review. I’ve also used the old formula (the one that contained ephedra!), but this was my first experience with the new Hydroxycut for Women; and I must say there’s quite a difference.

While the company claims that Hydroxycut Max provides “high energy, no crash, reduced appetite, and proven weight loss”… I can’t say that I agree with that 100%. Did I feel a minor burst of energy? Yes. Did it suppress my appetite? Maybe a little. Did I lose weight? Well… I’m already near my goal weight and I didn’t change my diet or my exercise routine, so the scale never budged an ounce. So, no… I didn’t lose weight. Hydroxycut Max for Women isn’t ideal for me personally.

Fat burners alone will not make you melt off weight, but I do believe they have their purpose in “assisting” with weight loss (along with a healthy diet and exercise). Products like these give you a long lasting energy buzz, which in turn helps stave off hunger, and keeps you going. Hydroxycut for Women does a decent job of this, but for me it wasn’t all that helpful because I didn’t have much weight to lose.

On a positive note, I didn’t get weak or jittery from this new reformulated version. Was the old formula with ephedra more effective? Probably. But it also made me feel weak, shaky and even nauseated at times; not to mention it probably wasn’t good for my heart!

Although it wasn’t super effective for me, I encourage you to try Hydroxycut Max if you’re carrying a few extra pounds and feel like you could use a pick-me-up. Each person is different and has their own unique needs… maybe Hydroxycut Max is right for you…

Where to can I buy Hydroxycut Max for Women?

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